It happens every month. We get our cable bills and stare at the "amount due" section for a good 10 seconds in shock. How did it go up again? Luckily, if you play the game correctly you can lower your cable bill with little effort.


I like most people signed up for an "introductory bundle package" with my provider. That rate stayed in place temporarily and then gradually started creeping up month by month. Eventually, it got ridiculous and I made a call to the provider.

Tip #1: Be ready to play hardball and don't settle. Cable companies don't like to lose customers. It may seem like they have the upper hand, but they don't.

Tip #2: Start with threatening to cancel your service. You're more likely to get more if you say you're cancelling instead of asking for a discount. Keep the conversation short. Just say that you'd like to cancel you're service. When I did that I got transferred to a "specialist."

Tip #3: Be nice, but don't cave .Being polite during the call will only benefit you. Fun fact. These "specialists" work on commission. That means they make money by getting you NOT to cancel your service. At the same time, they will do every thing under the sun not to give you a discount. This "specialist" tried talking me out of cancelling my service without adjusting my bill at all.

Tip #4: State out front exactly what you want. I told the specialist that I was looking at other cable providers and that one could offer me a better deal. However, it's a hassle to switch, so I'd rather just stay with them. I then said I wanted $20 off my monthly bill. The specialist said he couldn't do that. But, he could switch me to a better bundle that was $10 less a month than I was paying with a premium channel added.

This won't always work, I know people who tried without success. But, it's worth giving it a shot and this is the best way to go about it.

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