ATLANTIC CITY - Many people are expected to turnout to support teacher Phil Eisenstein at tonight's (6:00 PM) regular meeting of The Atlantic City Board of Education. Eisenstein was previously and unjustly terminated by The Atlantic City Board of Education.

"Hurley in the Morning" has previously confirmed that the School Board Solicitor (from The Cooper Levenson Law Firm) has already advised the board of education members to reinstate Eisenstein.

Incredulously, my latest investigative efforts prior to tonight's vote, yields that the votes do not appear to be in place to reinstate Eisenstein.

Should this occur, it would be a blatant act of stupid and highly reckless conduct by a school district that is basically financially bankrupt.

Eisenstein is represented by Attorney John Swift. Swift has beaten the Atlantic City Board of Education each and every time that he has squared off against them.

This will be no exception. The only unknown at this time is whether the Atlantic City Board of Education will do the right thing tonight, and end this ridiculous situation, or, if Swift will have to win it on appeal.

Either way, Eisenstein will ultimately prevail.

Swift is armed with video tapes and additional information from previous instances where teachers (involved with student incidences) were not disciplined in any way.

It should be noted that the only remaining video evidence involving Eisenstein is unremarkable in every way.

I say "the only remaining video evidence" because there was a second video, taken from an even better angle and in closer proximity then the one that they decided to keep.

For reasons still to be determined, the Acting Superintendent and other district personnel saw to it that this video was erased. They say it was standard district policy ... many believe that they purposefully destroyed the evidence because it did not support their allegations against Eisenstein.

The School Board Solicitor has confirmed (in writing) that they have never possessed the second video and that they never saw the second video.

This undisputed fact alone is highly suspicious. If an appeal is required, this will weigh heavy during the appeal process.

Ask this question yourself: Why was this evidence spoiled, and, not even provided to the Atlantic City Board of Education's own legal counsel?

I believe that the Board of Education is highly capable of acting very stupid tonight. The smartest thing that they could do would be to simply reinstate Eisenstein and mitigate the unnecessary damage that they've already caused.

I remind you that the Acting Superintendent is recommending that Eisenstein be reinstated. The Board's Solicitor is recommending it, too.

Should the Board not heed the advice of their professionals, they should be individually responsible to pay any financial damages that may occur as a result of the appeal process.

There is little chance that the Atlantic City Board of Education can win, what will be a certain appeal that will be filed if they do not vote to reinstate Eisenstein tonight. There decision is so flawed and without merit that it cannot withstand any degree of scrutiny during an appeal process.

I have also learned about the existence of a teacher, who possesses an incredible amount of knowledge about the violence that's been occurring in the Atlantic City public schools over many years.

This is a developing story. I'll provide you with updates as warranted.

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