Governor Chris Christie has high approval ratings in all the latest polls, but is he unbeatable when it comes to the November election?

Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

Many political observers think the answer is yes, but Christie begs to differ.

"No matter who says what," says Christie, "No one's unbeatable, and so the idea that somehow because you're very popular in February means you're going to be very popular in November - it could be, but could not be- and there will be a lot of things that will happen between now and then."

He says, "I would hope that people would make their decision on who to vote for in November based on the totality of the record over 4 years, and does the incumbent deserve reelection or doesn't he? Have I been the type of Governor I promised people I would be? Have I done the job in a way that's made them proud? Do they think New Jersey is better off now than it was 4 years ago? I mean all those things are questions I hope people will be asking themselves and I'll certainly be trying to encourage them to ask themselves those questions before they go in and vote."

Chrisie adds, "There's nobody around who enjoys being at 74 percent approval more than I do - 74 or 44, I'll take 74. I've been at both and I know how both feel and I enjoy it to be at 74, but the fact is that things can change very quickly and I don't expect to get 74 percent of the vote in November, so things will tamp back down."

He also points out, "This is a blue state. There are 750 thousand more registered democrats than republicans - so think we're doing pretty well…Nobody was asking me that 4 years ago when you were coming to my press conferences - do you think you're unbeatable? It was more like what are you doing here, and who are you?…I happy were in the position that we're in."