New Jersey is already in the midst of a record warm December, and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day should add some fuel to the fire.

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"Looking at Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we're going to be rivaling some of the warmest events on record for either of those days," said Dr. Dave Robinson, state climatologist at Rutgers University.

Christmas Eve has the best chance of shattering the current record set in 1990 when most locations saw temperatures in the mid 60s. Highs this Thursday are forecast to land anywhere between the upper 60s and mid 70s.

"I'd say right now there's a pretty darn good chance we're going to have record-setting warmth on Christmas Eve," Robinson said.

In fact, Christmas Eve can end up being the warmest December day New Jersey has ever experienced. Locations reached the mid 70s on Dec. 30, 1984 and Dec. 7, 1998.

The warmest Christmas Day on record was in 1964 when temperatures reached the mid to upper 60s. Friday has the potential to reach the 70s in some spots, but breaking records is not as much of a sure bet.

New Jersey is currently on pace to finish with its warmest December to date. The current record is held by the year 2006 when the average daily temperature was 42.2 degrees.

Just two weekends ago, temperatures smashed records as they soared more than 25 degrees above normal for mid-December.

Another interesting tidbit for this time of year - New Jersey has not yet seen one snow event. If that continues through the end of this month, it will be the eighth snow-free December on record for the Garden State.

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