Tuesday evening, Hamilton Township police arrested a person after discovering large quantities of illegal drugs.

Around 8:30 PM Tuesday evening, Hamilton Township Police were on patrol in the Woodlands Complex. An officer was flagged down by security about a towing dispute. The accused, later identified as Rasul Abdullah of Atlantic City, drove up and stopped near the officer, pointed at the officer and then sped off. The officer went after him and once on the rear of the complex, Mr. Abdullah ran out of the car and into a house. Moments later he came out of the house. During the investigation, large quantities of illegal drugs were seized, including 46 bags of heroin, 5 bags of cocaine, approximately 8.4 grams of crack cocaine, 45 Oxycodones and 12 Xanex pills. A large amount of cash was also seized.

Mr. Abdullah was charged with multiple counts of possession and distribution. Bail was set By Judge Switzer at $150,000.00 full cash.

Information courtesy Hamilton Township Police Department press release.