Mister Sparky was started in 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia. That location is now the leading residential electrical service and repair company in the Eastern U.S. and one of the biggest in North America. The name “Mister Sparky®” comes from the common use of the term “sparky” or “sparks,” meaning electricians, in company founder Patrick Kennedy’s native Ireland. The company has an impeccable record for delivering fast, on-time service, accurate upfront pricing, and an overall pleasant experience for customers.

"Mister Sparky® is unlike any other electrical service company you’ve used. It’s the small things we do that end up making the BIG difference for you."

Their Services Include:

    • Ceiling Fans – Help circulate air and provide cooler air flow, allowing you to raise the thermostat setting. They will hang your ceiling fan on your existing pre-installed fan box, or install new wiring, switches and a fan-rated brace box for any area of your home.


    • Generators – Restore normal electricity supply to your home in the event that the electricity supply is interrupted from the utility company or the result of severe weather.  They service and install a variety of generators to meet your standby generation needs.


    • Electrical Panels – This is your distribution point for all the electric circuits in your home. They guarantee that your electrical panel and main service replacement project will be completed on or before the date they promised, and guarantee their electrician repair workmanship for a period of 3 years.


    • Smoke Detectors - Strategically placing smoke detectors throughout thehome can insure that the presence of smoke will be discovered in case of fire. Mister Sparky's professional technicians can install and make recommendations for your peace of mind.


    • Surge Protection – This protection is designed to protect electronic devices from voltage spikes. They will evaluate your needs, make recommendations and install whole-house protection for your peace of mind.
  • They Can Answer Questions Relating to:
    • How can I save money on my electric bill?
    • Is there a safety issue between having the round fuses instead of circuit breakers?
    • What is a GFI?
    • What should I do when my lights go out?