New Jersey has developed a reputation as a high tax state with pushy people and lots of problems, but a new report finds it's the safest state in the nation.

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"New Jersey is the top-ranked safest state in the nation this year. It's because Jersey is doing pretty well on the three leading causes of unintentional death- motor vehicles, poisoning and falls," says Ken Kolosh, the Manager of statistics for the National Safety Council.

He points out the council has been studying safety data for the past 90 years, and "Jersey has been doing pretty well."

A big part of the reason the Garden State is considered safe is because of our traffic congestion.

"With so many traffic jams," says Kolosh, "drivers are going slower, and that's good. The higher the speed during the collision, the higher the likelihood that there's going to be a fatality."

He adds that in more rural states, such as Montana and New Mexico and Oklahoma, the fatality rates from motor vehicle crashes are much higher than New Jersey.

Kolosh also points out New Jersey does not have any coal mine collapses or many farm equipment tragedies, that also makes us safer.

"If you're in the office all day, you may have carpal tunnel at the end of the day from working at a work station, but it's unlikely you're going to die at work."