An overtuned military Humvee on the New Jersey Turnpikeclosed the highway in both the car and truck lanes in Middlesex County creating a miles-long delay just before the start of the afternoon rush.

The southbound lanes reopened around 4 p.m. near Exit 8A for Jamesburg in South Brunswick. 2 lanes remained closed in the outer lanes while all the inner lanes were open.

State Police spokesman Trooper Lawrence Peale said one man was flown in critical condition to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. Two other men and a woman were also flown to the New Brunswick hospital via  medical helicopter as well.  Peele did not know which branch of the military was involved in the accident nor an exact number of victims.

Peele said the accident occurred around 2:30 p.m. but could not identify anyone involved. The military vehicle was the only one involved.

The closure caused delays on Routes 32 and 535 as well as Routes 1 and 18 as drivers exited the Turnpike in search of an alternative route. Turnpike delays went back to at least exit #9 for Route 18.

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