It's a sunny, warm forecast to start the new week, with low humidity, but the Garden State will see changes by midweek.

Here are your weather headlines for Monday, July 11, 2016...

Pleasant Start to the Week

Well, at least we managed to squeeze out a beautiful second half of the weekend! Sunday's highs were in the 80s from top to bottom in New Jersey. More important, dew points dove into the 50s, presenting New Jerseyans with comfortable, dry weather that will continue for another day or two. (Yes, if you liked Sunday's weather, you'll love Monday's forecast!)

Monday morning's low temperatures have dipped into the comfortable lower 60s for most of the Garden State, with some cooler 50s in the northwest corner of the state. Mostly to partly sunny skies will push temperatures to the seasonably warm zone for Monday afternoon, with highs in the lower to mid 80s away from the ocean. (Beaches should top out in the 70s today.) Again, the reasonably low humidity (dew points still in the 50s) will make for an especially pleasant day.

Tuesday looks good too, as skies deliver more sunshine than cloud cover. However, temperatures tick upward slightly (mid 80s) and dew points do too (lower 60s). I'm not sure the increase in humidity will even be noticeable. Yet.

Increasing Temps, Humidity

The warming trend continues for Wednesday, with mid 80s to upper 80s expected for most of New Jersey. Wednesday could also be our next 90-degree day away from the coast. Humidity will become very noticeable on Wednesday, as dew points return to the sticky, steamy upper 60s.

Skies on Wednesday will average partly sunny, and most of the day will remain dry. I have kept a chance for an evening thunderstorm in the forecast, although the latest models have somewhat backed off this solution.

Unsettled, Wet Weather

Late in the week, a front will approach New Jersey and potentially stall right on top of us. A stalled or slow-moving front usually leads to a muddled forecast of extended unsettled, wet weather. And that seems to be the case here. Some period between Thursday and Saturday will bring showers and thunderstorms. Forecast rainfall totals are fairly low - however, I believe periods of steady rain will be possible.

Hopefully we'll be able to provide higher resolution detail on this storm chance as the week rolls along.

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