New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said there's no evidence the terror group known as ISIS is targeting the Garden State. Appearing on Townsquare New Jersey's "Ask the Governor" program Thursday night, Christie said, "There is no evidence that we have been told of that exists today about any direct threat to New Jersey, but we know that we have significant high value targets.  And as part of the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area and the Philadelphia-New Jersey metropolitan area - that there's some significant concerns there."

Gov. Chris Christie, listening to a question during last night's 'Ask the Governor" program on New Jersey 101.5. (Kira Buxton, Townsquare Media)

After beheading two Americans in recent weeks, ISIS has vowed to launch attacks against the United States and other nations.

In response, Christie issued a directive on Sept. 15 to the New Jersey State Police and the state Office of Homeland Security to carry out an initial joint security review with officials in New York, in order to make sure appropriate protections are in place across the region to guard against any kind of terror attack.

New Jerseyans will see added security measures in place throughout the state now that the country is in direct conflict with ISIS.  "The fact is when we go into direct conflict with these folks (overseas) as we are now, you're going to see an enhancement of that activity. We need to make sure we're doing everything we can to protect the people and the valuable assets we have in this region."

Christie also said that while he has opinions about what President Barack Obama does regarding terrorism, his primary job as governor is to review and react to what is happening at the national level, and then consider what effect it may have on New Jersey residents and take appropriate action when necessary to keep residents safe.

"We have the tools we need to protect the people of New Jersey, as long as everybody is cooperating and talking to each other," Christie said.

Law enforcement officials from New Jersey and New York will issue an initial report next week on the region's security status, and a more comprehensive report next month.

Christie has stressed the importance of staying "ahead of the curve" and "not in a responsive mode" when it comes to terrorist threats.