A rusted piece of airplane landing gear discovered wedged between two New York City buildings has been confirmed as coming from the type of Boeing jet used to destroy the nearby World Trade Center on Sept. 11.

Possible landing gear from a 9/11 plane found in lower Manhattan (NYPD)

The American Airlines and United Airlines planes hijacked by Islamic extremists in 2001 were Boeing 767s.

Police said Saturday detectives have been in contact with officials at Chicago-based Boeing Co. who confirm the wreckage is from that kind of plane.

The New York Post reports, however, that the number: BOEING CST 65B84045, is likely just a casting number and cannot be traced back to a specific airplane.

Workers discovered the landing gear part Wednesday wedged between a luxury apartment building and a mosque that in 2010 prompted virulent national debate about Islam and freedom of speech because it's just blocks from ground zero.


The twisted metal part has cables and levers on it and is about 5 feet high, 17 inches wide and 4 feet long, police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Friday. "It's a manifestation of a horrific terrorist act a block and a half away from where we stand," he said after visiting the alley.

Alley where landing gear was found (WCBS TV)

The Post reports that Medical Examiner's Office will begin to search the location for human remains while the NYPD will investigate the possibility the piece was put there after 9/11/01.

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