What's going on?

Hurley: Update Regarding the $10,000 Check
This is a very important update regarding the $10,000 Atlantic County Democratic Committee check, which was made payable to the Atlantic City Democratic Committee, however, intercepted by Atlantic City Mayor Frank M. Gilliam Jr.
Polistina Not Running for Congress
Former New Jersey Assemblyman Vince Polistina has exclusively confirmed to me that he is not running for The United States House of Representatives in New Jersey - District 2.
Sweeping $10,000 Check Under The Rug?
An important follow-up to our previous report regarding a $10,000 contribution for the Atlantic City Democratic Committee which instead found its way into Mayor Frank Gilliam’s campaign account.
April Kauffman Case Solved
In the biggest development to date, we can now report first that a major multi-jurisdictional law enforcement effort is presently underway regarding the 2012 murder of April Kauffman.
Padulla Files Tort Claim Against Guardian
Former Atlantic City Republican Party Chairman Mark Padulla has filed a Tort Claim notice against Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian, both as Mayor and Guardian individually.
Guardian's New Gig
What will outgoing Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian be doing once his term ends?
Hurley: Van Drew To Run For Congress
WPG's Harry Hurley has confirmed that State Senator Jeff Van Drew, D-LD1, will formally announce his candidacy for The United States House of Representatives this Wednesday.
LoBiondo To Retire
Well placed sources have exclusively confirmed to WPG's Harry Hurley that Congressman Frank LoBiondo will not seek reelection following the completion of his 12th term in office.
Investigating Atlantic County Mail-In Ballots
Large numbers of people are being brought to the Atlantic County Clerk's office to receive mail-in ballots. One Atlantic City councilman received a mail-in ballot that was already partially filled-out.
Hurley Investigates Colin Bell
Months ago, "Hurley in the Morning" began an investigation regarding State Senate candidate Colin Bell. Today, we reveal some of the results that call into question Bell’s qualifications to hold office and his choice to make money on the backs of struggling homeowners.
Denied Certain Benefits?
A dad of a Coast Guard Officer called me on-air this morning. He advised that his son is being denied certain benefits because the state does not consider him to be a military servant.
Response to Stockton Saga
An internal document from Dr. Kesselman, Stockton University's president, speaks volumes towards how ridiculous and unnecessary this whole saga really is.
Stockton Bust Removed
In one of the most asinine decisions in American history, Stockton University has removed a Founder of America's bust from the Stockton University library.