If you needed any more convincing that Pleasantville has a gun problem, here's the scenario that should convince you.

A woman holding her 8-month-old grandson was hit in the leg by a stray bullet that came through the wall of her home on South Franklin Boulevard in Pleasantville.

That's what happened to Olga Ceron, 48, Wednesday morning as she cared for her grandchild, David.

"I was laying down with the baby on the couch. And he was almost going to sleep on top of me and then I felt something that hit me so hard. After that it was like ‘bam. bam’ and I went to the floor with the baby,"

"I was scared. After that there were like two more shots,” Ceron told The Press of Atlantic City.

Ceron told the Press she has lived in the Pleasantville home for 23 years and always felt safe until Wednesday.

"No more. There's a lot of changes here. It's getting worse in here, there's no more safety here."

No suspect was found.

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