There is still no word on what happened to College of New Jersey student Paige Aiello, who disappeared three days ago without a trace.

Paige Aiello (Somerset County Prosecutor's Office)

The purse, wallet and cell phone belonging to Hillsborough native Paige Aiello were found on the George Washington Bridge, but Port Authority detectives did a search of the Hudson River nearby and found nothing.

"My wife is not holding up very well at all. Yesterday for me, I was literally on the mat, and wasn't getting up," says Chris Aiello, Paige's father.

He says it's possible his daughter has suffered an emotional breakdown, because she's very success-oriented and competitive.

If that is the case, he is sending a message to his daughter.

"You've done nothing wrong, you're upset, just please call out. Get a phone from somebody, please call us and we'll get you wherever you are. Just please contact us."

Aiello points out kids that have a self-imposed pressure today have to be looked after, as opposed to the kids that maybe don't do that well, and it's apparently common-place for young women to feel emotional pressures at this age.

Paige Aiello's father Christopher (WPIX TV)

He's also asking member of the public in New Jersey to be on the lookout for his daughter, who is 5'3, 106 pounds.

"I have to get the word out," he says. "I can't just sit there- laying down. That's the only hope I have."

Authorities found a family car that Paige was driving in New Brunswick on Thursday, but so far they have not labeled the case suspicious.