With the Big Game set for this Sunday in Arizona, we examine the high and low-end of items most commonly purchased for Super Bowl parties.

In the comment section, share which items you are buying, and which side of the coin you fall on.



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    Pizza and Wings

    Retailers estimate two million pizzas will be ordered on Super Bowl Sunday.  Many party organizers will spring for delivery pizzas (about $11.50 per large pie) and wings ($10 per dozen).

    For those looking to save a few bucks, the frozen route is an alternative.  A 12-inch frozen pizza runs about $4 or $5, while a bag of buffalo chicken wings goes for $7.


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    Grocery stores, bakeries, and ice cream shops roll out a slew of Super Bowl dessert options for consumers.

    A typical Big Game cake costs about $13.99.

    For those searching for a cheaper and alternative option for dessert, you can bake your own.  Cake/cupcake/brownie mixes start at $1.49 per box.

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    With the explosion of craft beer popularity, the type of beer served at a Super Bowl party often becomes a hot-button debate.

    Organizers and party-goers can stick with the run-of-the-mill light beer for around $20 (either for 24 bottles or 30 cans).

    For those who prefer a craft beer, such as New Jersey-based Flying Fish Brewery, be prepared to spend about $8.99 per six-pack.

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    A television is a common big-ticket purchase leading up to the Super Bowl.  Consumers looking for a top-of-the-line television (4K Ultra HD) are staring at a roughly $1,200 price tag.

    If a party host wants a flashy television for just the Big Game without dropping that amount of cash, they can get that same television at a rental shop for about $39.99 per week

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    Some party hosts go all-out for Big Game decorations, especially if they're favorite team is playing.  Some do the bare minimum.

    A basic Super Bowl logo party kit, for 15-20 guests with plates, cups, napkins, ballons and silverware, costs around $14.99.

    If you decide not to splurge on the logo items, you can save yourself nearly $5 by purchasing the generic forms.


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