If you drive on the Garden State Parkway in Cape May County, you're probably glad that those traffic lights are finally gone -- but...
...the speed limit where those red lights used to be is still posted as 45 MPH. And it's very tempting to go much faster than that.

45MPH Speed Limit Sign on the Garden State Parkway in Middle Township - Photo: Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media

The Parkway in Middle Township is nothing like it used to be. No more red lights, it's all freshly paved, a bunch of new overpasses and exit ramps keep traffic flowing rather nicely, and without many tourists this time of year, the empty road makes you want to zip by at 65 MPH (or 70 or 75) like on many other parts of our favorite toll road.

But not so fast (literally).

According to The Press of Atlantic City, which recently interviewed someone from the State Police, that area is still a construction zone (even with no signs of construction actually taking place) and troopers are enforcing the posted 45 MPH speed limit. If you get caught, you'll be coughing-up at least $173.

So until you see the 45 MPH speed limit signs come down, keep an eye on your speedometer.

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