A baby legend in the making!

This week, history was made when 12-year-old Abhimanyu Mishra became the youngest chess grandmaster ever.

And for those who know little to nothing about chess, this is the highest title you can possibly earn in the sport. The only reason why I know is because I became obsessed with The Queen's Gambit on Netflix.

Mishra is making all of New Jersey proud right now given the fact that this little prodigy grew up in the Garden State. For the past few months he has been overseas in Budapest participating in tournament after tournament chasing this title. This isn't Mishra's first time breaking a world record. Before becoming the youngest Grand Master in the world, he was the first International Master. Here's another thing I learned from the Queen's Gambit -- shout out to Beth Harmon. The International Master title is one level below a Grand Master. According to Chess.com, the conditions are similar yet less demanding.

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Mishra thanked his coach on Twitter as well as credited Pro Chess Training for his success. Pro Chess Training is an online service that has been helping professional chess players keep up with their skills, especially during the COVID-10 pandemic.

If you ever wanted to learn the game of Chess, this online tool could be the first stop in doing so. But only if you're serious. I want to play chess but knowing me, I'll lose interest in about a week. If you want to be trained by real coaches and one day get as far as Mishra, get ready to dedicated some serious hours.

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