In the end, Andy Reid showed he could get it done.

15-years after his first Super Bowl appearance with the Philadelphia Eagles, Andy Reid was back with his Kansas City Chiefs.

The much maligned coach won his first Super Bowl title in his 21st season as a head coach, leading the Chiefs to a 31-20 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV.

"I told them I’d coach another 20 years if I could have that group right there," Reid stated after the victory. "They’re a beautiful bunch, resilient, tough, tough-minded, very tough-minded as you saw tonight. I’m so proud of them.”

For Reid it was always he was good, but can he get the big one, he took the Eagles to four straight NFC title games, and five overall.  However, just one of those games resulted in a Super Bowl appearance, a loss to the New England Patriots in their only showing.

“I loved my time in Philadelphia," Reid explained. "Phenomenal players there. We were so close so many times. My heart went out to those guys.”

After all the hurt in Philly, Reid has finally proved the doubters wrong, getting his ring, and cementing a call to the hall when he decides to hang-up the headset.

Reid entered Sunday night's Super Bowl with the most wins as a head coach without a Super Bowl title. but that no longer stands. The Eagles head coach from 1998-2015 finally will have his ring finger sized for a Super Bowl ring, 15 years after his last entry into the big game.

"To get Coach Reid a Super Bowl trophy," Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes said.

"He’s one of the greatest coaches of all time. I don’t think he needed the Lombardi Trophy to prove that. But just to do that, it puts all doubt aside, and he’s going to be listed as one of the all-time great coaches in history whenever he wants to be done, which I hope is not anytime soon.”

Time management, he passed to much, he wasn't aggressive enough.

All the things that were talked about didn't rear their ugly head into this moment for Reid.  The irony of the moment was, he ended the game with all three timeouts, and how about his, the final play of the game occurred on a 4th-and-26 - maybe the most famous play Reid was a part of during his time in Philadelphia.

15-years after his first Super Bowl appearance with the Philadelphia Eagles, Andy Reid was back with his Kansas City Chiefs.


Reid was often criticized for his dryness with the media, sticking to the script, and never really allowing the fans to see the man behind the scenes come out.

He famously walked to the podium and gave his injury report after every game.  And while he stuck to the script after his Super Bowl win, the real Andy came out.

“Alright, I have no injuries," Reid started the press conference with, laughing while saying those words. 

Now you should have no critics, Andy.  You're one of the best to ever coach this game.

Congrats, time yours.

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