Monday was a big day for nearly three dozen police officers in the World's Play Ground.

The Atlantic City Police Department says ten special law enforcement officers (or "Class II" officers) have been elevated to police officer and 22 Class II recruits were hired.

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According to a press release,

The new officers will be immediately assigned to the Operations Division. On December 6, the new Class II recruits will begin 27 weeks of law enforcement training at the Atlantic County Police Training Center. The group includes the first Muslim woman who will wear a Hijab while employed by the police department.

Deputy Chief James A. Sarkos, Interim Officer in Charge, said in a statement,

“Today’s swearing in has a historical significance for our department. The ACPD recently amended the uniform policy to allow police officers to wear a Hijab or religious headscarf. We believe that this slight change will create a more inclusive police force and help recruit those that otherwise would not have considered our police department.”

Atlantic City's newest officers include:

  • Isaiah Johnson
  • Heriberto Barrios-Gomez
  • Josue Rodriguez
  • Dylan Imbrenda
  • Scott Crawford
  • Rizwan Bakhat
  • Christopher Colon
  • Ivaylo Penchev
  • Erica Britko
  • Jordyn Bowden

The ceremony was held at the Atlantic City Convention Center; Mayor Marty Small, Sr., administered the oath of office.

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