The local Absecon, New Jersey government is taking pride and their community is on the move.

When you have the proper attention to detail regarding the little things … it usually means that you’re also focused on delivering on the big items, too.

Here’s a case in point. First impressions are lasting impressions. Look how good this presentation is on the Veterans Memorial Parkway in Absecon.

Nick LaRotonda photo via Facebook.
Nick LaRotonda photo via Facebook.

It’s tasteful, respectful, patriotic and it looks just great. When driving by, you have to a glance. It catches your eye in such a positive way.

The ascent of Nick LaRotonda to Absecon Council President has also been a very big change in terms of the overall philosophy of governance.

LaRotonda brings high energy, new ideas and a commitment to transparency and doing the right thing.

larotonda51 photo
larotonda51 photo

A conservative approach versus a liberal socialist Democrat approach defines the way of life in a nation, state or community.

When Steve Light made a decision to switch from Democrat to Republican … it switched the political power of the Absecon government … with Absecon Republicans now having a 4-3 majority.

The Democrats had held power for a number of years in Absecon.

In the past several election cycles, Republicans are making big gains all over Southern New Jersey.

Do not underestimate the role that Don Purdy, Atlantic County Republican Party Chairman has played in all of the political party switchers throughout Atlantic County.

We have learned that more Atlantic County political party switchers are going to be following in the near future.

As a former Mayor himself, Purdy gets it. All politics really is local.

I am projecting that this trend will continue in the upcoming Tuesday, November 7, 2023 General Election.

Here is the current composition of the Absecon City Council:

  • Nick LaRotonda, R-1, City Council President
  • Betty Howell, D-1
  • Tommy Marrone, R-1
  • Donald Burroughs, D-2
  • Sandy Cain, D-2
  • Richard DeRose, R-2
  • Steve Light, R-at Large

The Mayor of Absecon is Kimberly Horton, a Democrat, who is the first female mayor in Absecon, New Jersey history.

Horton is currently serving a term of office that ends on December 31, 2024.

Absecon features a strong city council, weak mayor form of government.

It is meaningful to be the mayor … however, it’s more meaningful to have control of the legislative branch.

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