There is an old expression, “If you find yourself in a hole … the first thing you have to do is stop digging!”

This is exactly where the Absecon, New Jersey City Council presently finds itself.

Yet, they are breaking the first rule of the “Law of Holes.” They just keep digging. They also keep changing their story when it comes to Dale Conover, Absecon Volunteer Fire Deputy Chief.

There is so much video and documentation to prove that the Absecon City Council is neck-deep in pursuit of enacting political retaliation against Conover.

First, they said it was about this social media post, whereby Conover placed a simple comment: “Waste of taxpayers' money.”

Dale Conover photo.
Dale Conover photo.

Absolutely no one believes them (Absecon City Council).

They don’t even believe themselves, as they later flipped their script and said they have no role in the progressive discipline process against Dale Conover whatsoever.

The Absecon City Council has taken the public position that it was the police chief and fire chief who were behind all of this and that they have played no role in this escalating matter.

This is not true. Multiple sources have confirmed that City Council put both chiefs up to this retaliation effort against Conover.

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Here is Chief Roy Talley’s letter to Dale Conover, outlining the discipline slated to take effect.


Conover and others have confirmed that City Council directly instructed Talley to take this action. Further, the Talley letter confirms that he had consulted with the city solicitor and police chief.

Talley would only be given access to collaborate with the city solicitor by a direct request made by the City Council.

Conover refused to accept the suspension and the situation has continued to escalate in full view of the public.

More than 30 residents wanted to speak at last night’s open public council meeting about Conover. They waited for an extended executive session to end.

They were never given the opportunity to be heard.

Dale Conover photo.
Dale Conover photo.

Here is what Dale Conover had to say about what happened last night:

“Remember this date. Your Absecon Democratic Council silenced over 30 people who waited for almost an hour for them to come out of executive session. They wanted to voice their displeasure that I have to go before an arbitrator,” said Conover.

That’s where this issue stands at this time. Absecon City Council, in their continuing effort to make it look like they’re not involved … has turned the matter over to an arbitration process.

Dale Conover’s daughter, Ashley Nicole isn’t buying it, saying: “Just a reminder of what City Council said at one of their meetings a while back denying they have nothing to do with going after Dale Conover and tonight they lied and said they said no such thing. They have everything to do with it,” said Ashley Nicole Conover.

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