Atlantic City City Council President George Tibbitt has come up with a rather unique way of trying to stop prostitution in the city.

His idea is to publicly shame those that come to town to solicit sex workers by putting their mugshots up on the digital signs that line the Boardwalk.

His idea was part of a meeting held on Tuesday that was hosted by Fourth Ward Councilman Md Hossain Morshed to discuss ways to improve the quality of life in the World's Play Ground.

Should Tibbitt's idea ever come to fruition, those visiting Atlantic City would be treated to seeing mugshots on digital billboards that are spaced several hundred feet apart along nearly the entire length of the main portion of the great wooden way. Whether that would be a deterrent or not has yet to be proven, but at the very least it would be a conversation starter for those visiting Atlantic City.

The Press of Atlantic City reports the Atlantic City Police Department is already hard at work cracking-down on crime by raiding drug houses, undercover cops are posing as call girls, and cameras throughout the city are being used around the clock.

The Press quoted James Sarkos, interim officer in charge of the Atlantic City Police Department, as saying during the meeting, "If you come to Atlantic City and you think that you're going to (break the law), just (let it) be known that the consequences are severe and we will come after you, because that's not tolerated."

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