CHARLOTTE, Virginia — An Amber Alert issued Monday in Virginia for a 4-year-old girl police said was abducted from Charlotte, Virginia, by her father was cancelled after both showed up at a Gloucester County police station on Tuesday.

Monroe Township Police Chief John McKeown said Dylan Richardson, 24, came to police headquarters with his daughter and Annabelle Dorthea Hope Richardson turned himself at 5 a.m. at the encouragement of a friend or family after the Amber Alert was put out on Monday night.

Both are in good health and unharmed according to McKeown.

Dylan's mother, Jacquelyn McKenna was also arrested in Glassboro, according to. McKeown, who he said does not live in Glassboro but did not know where she lived.

Annabelle was turned over to family members and will be returned to her home in Virginia Dylan is being held on fugitive from justice charges pending extradition to Virginia.

Virginia State Police said Annabelle was abducted by her non-custodial father, Dylan Richardson, 24, Wednesday, Nov. 9 and issued the alert on Monday.  An Amber Alert had not officially been activated in New Jersey. No specific location in the state was given.

On a Facebook page appearing to belong to Dylan Richardson, he posted: “My daughter is not missing this is bs how can you kidnap your own child this Facebook stuff has gotten way out of hand I'm filling for custody Monday morning so we will see everybody needs to get off my case I'm not hiding and I will see everybody that has something to say come Monday I did what was in the best interest of my daughter.”

There’s also other posts including “Be patient. It won’t happen overnight. Just hang in there and have faith that it will work out” and “you’ll end up real disappointed when you go through life thinking people have the same heart as you.”

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