Amy Kennedy entered the Democratic Primary for The House of Representatives in New Jersey's 2nd District later than Brigid Callahan Harrison.

Harrison effectively used those critical, unencumbered early days of the campaign to lock-down a significant number of impressive Democratic endorsements; including New Jersey State Senate President Stephen Sweeney.

However, Kennedy has scored a big win, last evening (Monday, January 20, 2020), when she was unanimously endorsed by the Atlantic City Democratic Committee.

Make no mistake about it, this could not have happened without the direct support of un-elected Atlantic City Power Potentate Craig Callaway's political, "papal" blessing.

Right now, Craig Callaway is the stir that stirs Atlantic City electoral politics. His reach has now expanded beyond Atlantic City.

There is simply no way that Kennedy would have received last night's Atlantic City Democratic mandate without Callaway, his family members and political organization.

Atlantic City will deliver the most Democratic votes on June 2nd (Primary Election) and November 3rd (General Election). This unanimous endorsement will command that Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman will have to award Kennedy the Regular Democratic ballot column in Atlantic City.

There's no evidence that Suleiman is adverse to this. He was one of only two Congressional District 2 County Chairman who did not endorse Harrison.

It is also the precursor that Kennedy is now well on way to winning the entire Atlantic County Democratic endorsement. This could pave the way to her becoming the Democratic nominee, and, opponent to incumbent Republican United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew.

For Democrats, as Atlantic City goes, so goes the entire County.

By virtue of yesterday's actions by the Atlantic City Democratic Committee, it's apparent that Kennedy has won "The Craig Callaway Sweepstakes."

This most likely also reveals that Kennedy will receive the substantial benefit of the vaunted Craig Callaway "Vote by Mail" program.

In county-wide races, this has turned "losers" into "winners" and perceived "winners" into "losers." Go ask Atlantic County Freeholder at Large John Risley and former Brigantine Mayor Phil Guenther. They won, before they lost to Assemblymen Vince Mazzeo and John Armato.

Winning the Atlantic City endorsement will also likely earn Kennedy the endorsement of The Pleasantville Democratic Committee, which Craig Callaway also exercises great influence with.

Despite Callahan Harrison having the formal endorsements of 6 of the 8 Counties, which comprise the 2nd Congressional District ... if Kennedy receives the Atlantic County endorsement, she can win the Democratic Nomination with a strong showing in Atlantic City and the "Vote by Mail" program.

It will be interesting to see if Kennedy will ultimately receive the formal endorsement of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. Multiple sources have told me that she appears to informally have it.

Could this highly contested Primary Election turn into yet another political battle between Sweeney and Murphy? We'll know soon enough.

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