Opera singer Andrea Bocelli wrapped up his American tour on Saturday with a performance at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Then he went out to eat at a favorite local Italian restaurant.

When it came time for the famed Italian tenor and his family to have dinner, he chose one of Atlantic City's most popular Italian restaurants -- Cafe 2825.

Cafe 2825, on Atlantic Avenue in Atlantic City, is an intimate, family-owned restaurant that's been serving simple Italian-American cuisine in an upscale casual style since opening in 1986.

Owners Joseph and Ginny Lautato oversee the restaurant while Momma Rose's recipes are prepared in the kitchen.

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The restaurant proudly posted a photo of the tenor on Facebook saying they were honored to have Bocelli as a guest.

Last night we were given the greatest honor of serving Andrea Bocelli and his family. Grazie mille!

Although Cafe 2825 did not say what Bocelli ordered, we do know from an article in Good Taste.com that the singer had ordered a relatively simple pasta dish from an Italian restaurant in San Antonio several times when performing in that city.

"Saute garlic in olive oil till softened and add olives and capers.  Saute a little longer and add salt and pepper to season.  Then add chopped walnuts.  Add cooked, drained spaghetti to pan and enjoy."

In an interview with The Guardian in 2013, Bocelli said that because of his singing, he must watch how much he eats or drinks, but, because of his upbringing, he does have a soft spot for pasta.

"Almost every day I have pasta – only with olive oil; no sauces or butter. I never cook, although as a good Italian I can, of course, make pasta."

Bocelli's Atlantic City Hard Rock date was the final night on his six-night June American tour.

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