If you have one or two dogs or cats, you know what goes into taking care of them. Just imagine doing that 500 more times every day.

As the holidays approach, our friends at Funny Farm Animal Rescue in Mays Landing are asking for your help as they take care of some 550 animals.

Late last week on their Facebook page, they posted a wish list of supplies that they would love to get. They say, "we don’t charge admission or parking and we run entirely on donations. These are items we need most, however, none of these items are expected, rather they are appreciated by all of the animals in need at the Funny Farm."

The animals and staffers at Funny Farm would love to receive, should you be able to help, the following items:

  • Gift cards
  • Timothy hay for bunnies
  • Dried mealworms
  • Dog and cat beds
  • Small throw rugs for cat areas
  • Bounty paper towels
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Chicken starter/crumbles
  • Salt blocks for goats
  • Scratch grain for chickens

Just last month, 21 cats were abandoned on the side of a road near Funny Farm Animal Rescue. They were left without food or water in three large animal crates. The farm, which is already home to about 200 felines, took them in and gave them the proper care that they needed.

Should you want to help a wonderful, local group, there are several ways -- Funny Farm Rescue and Sanctuary is located at 6908 Railroad Avenue in Mays Landing; they have a donation box out front if you wish to donate money. For more information, reach out to them on their Facebook page or call (609) 742-9410. Donations can also be made via their website.

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