Laurie Zaleski was shocked and upset Wednesday morning to find that 21 cats had been dumped at her Funny Farm Animal Rescue in Mays Landing overnight Tuesday.

Zaleski took to Facebook live video to express her anger at finding the cats left without food or water in three large animal crates, out of sight of her surveillance cameras, on the side of the road.

This is irresponsible. There's no excuse for any of this. I actually can't believe that someone would do this.

Funny Farm Animal Rescue is a privately-owned animal sanctuary on Railroad Blvd in Mays Landing. Funny Farm's website mission statement says its goal is to create a home for unwanted farm animals, domesticated animals and animals with special needs, providing food, shelter and medical needs.

The rescue has been in operation since 2000 and is home to over 550 animals. By Laurie Zaleski's estimation, she already houses about 200 cats and is not prepared to take on any dumped animals - nor should she.

Zaleski promised to involve Hamilton Twp Police in the investigation into who was responsible for dumping the cats and plans to add more surveillance cameras to cover  her entire property.

We are running every licence plate and we're going to be coming after you, because this is not okay.

If you would like to help Funny Farm Animal Rescue by adopting a cat or by donating, you may contact them here.

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