I have obtained a copy of Steve Young’s letter of resignation from the Atlantic City Planning Board and Community Advisory Board.

Here is the letter in its entirety.

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March 4, 2021

Steven L. Young

It is with great disappointment that I write this letter as my official Resignation from the Atlantic City Planning Board and the Community Advisory Board. During the last several months with the Covid 19 pandemic and Systemic Racism that has existed throughout the United States and the world many racial issues has been exposed to me and the Black community. The police involved killing of George Floyd unarmed Black man choked by the knee of a white man brought to the light and caused many protests and demonstrations with Black Lives Matter and what the black community have experienced for many years.

During this summer I spoke up for the Black Community with a Black Agenda to bring about solutions to our community. Only to be arrested for 4 peaceful protests and threatened by Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and City Council to be removed from a volunteer unpaid public positions on Atlantic City Planning Board and Atlantic City Community Advisory Board. Thru this process the Mayor and Atlantic City Council has postponed and cancelled over 5 special council meetings. Only because I spoke up about a Black Agenda and Atlantic City Plan with solutions.

I have been re-appointed to the Atlantic City Planning Board by several Atlantic City Mayors including Mayor Lorenzo Langford, Mayor Don Guardian, and Mayor Frank Gilliam. Our elected officials Mayor and City Council should be more involved with supporting our black community with social justice, senseless killings, voter suppression, feeding the hungry, police involved shootings, patrolling our community, youth and assisting the black community with the Black Agenda and from the New Jersey State takeover.

Finally, for the above reasons and many more I am submitting this letter as my official resignation from the Atlantic City Planning Board and the Atlantic City Community Advisory Board. I would like to thank all the Planning Board members and staff for your support and service to the community.

Also, thanks to all of the Community Advisory Board members for your support and service to our community. I will continue to use my talents and experiences as a public servant to speak up for the voiceless, our youth, and our community with implementing the Black Agenda.

Brother Steven L. Young-Former Atlantic City Planning Board Chairman
Former Atlantic City Community Advisory Board

Cc. Atlantic City Mayor Smalls, Atlantic City Council, Atlantic City Planning Board Members, Community Advisory Board Chair Joyce Mollineaux New Jersey DCA, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, NAN-Rev. Al Sharpton, National Action Network South Jersey Chapter Members, NAN Rev. Al Sharpton

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