As problems mount, good people typically remain silent until they simply can’t take it any more, or, when they reach a breaking point, where they feel that they have nothing else to lose.

It is only then that they speak up; because no one wants to face political retaliation.

I take this opportunity to introduce you to Joshua Levin, a licensed real estate broker of record in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Levin’s business, Levin Commercial Real Estate Management is located in the Gordon’s Aliey section of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Levin’s office is located directly next to the main office of the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority of New Jersey.

You would think that this would be one of the safest streets in Atlantic City.

According to Levin, you would be wrong.

In a very blunt, sobering assessment, here is how Levin describes this area:

The area around CRDA has become extremely dangerous to the point CRDA has contracted with a security company to provide armed guards. Instead of trying to clean up the area, CRDA has driven it into the ground. Since CRDA moved in, the area has continued to decline. CRDA fenced off all the parking previously used by commercial tenants and not allowing anyone to use. Since doing this we have lost almost every commercial tenant, causing rampant vacancies. It has been back filled with drug dealers and criminals. An employee of CRDA was held up at gun point some time ago.

The purpose of blowing the whistle here is to begin an important dialog, that will hopefully lead to positive action being taken.

The people in general and business operators can’t live like this any longer. It’s not right and it doesn’t have to be this way.

Levin is one business owner and commercial property owner who is being fair and reasonable.

It’s not too much to ask for the CRDA and the City of Atlantic City to step-up and provide clean and safe neighborhoods.

Levin told me, “The CRDA needs to do its iob and come out of its secured office and see what civilians are dealing with in the city they are in charge of.”

This sounds fair and reasonable. This is a call to action. The time to act is now.

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