The issue of the Atlantic City homeless during the Coronavirus pandemic being transported to other municipalities is becoming a big problem.

Just as I have spoken on-air and written here often about, the results were highly predictable.

Well placed “Hurley in the Morning” sources have confirmed that Atlantic County government has moved at least 35 Atlantic City homeless persons to Absecon.

Our sources believe that it is well beyond 35 people. But, they have confirmed that it is at least 35 people.

Our witnesses have observed van loads of Atlantic City homeless being dropped off in Absecon by Atlantic County government.

Additionally, our sources have confirmed that there have been 22 police service calls during the past three days involving the transplanted Atlantic City homeless.

This is exactly why the Galloway Township Council recently took decisive action to keep this from happening in their Township.

In an earlier breaking news report, I confirmed by releasing Egg Harbor Township Administrator Peter Miller’s internal memorandums whereby he confirmed that Egg Harbor Township would not be responsible to police the transplanted Atlantic City homeless.

Miller confirmed that the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Department would handle all police matters.

This does not appear to be the case. Things in real life are playing out much differently then they did on paper.

Still more Absecon sources have advised that they have not seen a single Atlantic County Sheriff’s Officer assigned to these duties.

The Absecon Police Department have been left to handle this all on their own.

Incredulously, we’ve been advised that Absecon Council hasn’t net in more than 5 weeks.

Also, I have confirmed that Absecon was sent a copy of the Galloway Township resolution last Friday, April 17, 2020.

The relocation of the Atlantic City homeless has been an unmitigated disaster.

So much so, that inside sources have confirmed to me that the State of New Jersey is currently reviewing its options, including moving all of the homeless back to Atlantic City.

This entirely predictable result is the reason that I was so critical of Egg Harbor Township Mayor Paul Hodson for his recent inaction.

Conversely, it is also why I was so complimentary to Galloway Township Council for taking such bold, decisive action.

Also, our sources have shared that there appears to be confusion as to if/how many may be carrying the Coronavirus.

This episode represents a huge failure by Atlantic County government.

The moral of this sad story is that you never solve a “problem,” simply by transporting your “problems“ to other communities.

How did they think this was going to end?

NOTE:(April 21, 2020) long-time former Absecon Councilman Chris Seher just advised (on-air) that the Absecon Council had a special emergency meeting, that apparently was not publicly advertised last Friday, April 17, 2020.

Seher advised that Absecon has basically adopted the Galloway Township Ordinance, which is a very well written piece of legislation.

Galloway Township has been helping multiple other communities with this situation.

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