The self-indulgent Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small 3 days of parties are being advertised as an inaugural celebration.

Oddly, the special events are taking place more than 190 days after the November 2, 2021 General Election.

Mary J. Blige and a number of famous DJ’s are all being showcased during the Small Ball Gala’s.

Blige is a very famous American singer, songwriter, rapper, and actress. Blige is known as the "Queen of Hip-Hop Soul.”

Blige has captured nine Grammy Awards, four American
Music Awards, and ten Billboard Music Awards during her storied career.

Small’s weekend Ball is taking place at the exact same time as the The Platinum (70th) Jubilee Of Queen Elizabeth II.

That’s probably just a coincidence, of course.

We always commend any legitimate effort to raise money for local not-for-profits. They do great work and they need our support.

On the other hand, we have been receiving numerous phone calls for days now from Atlantic City leaders and citizens, who are disgusted with the content of a Marty Small Facebook ad/video for his special event.

The video is proprietary, so we can not link it here. But, it is readily available to be viewed on social media.


The social media video bills Small’s event as:


The complaints that we have received center around the negative and objectionable content, which includes several uses of a disqualifying, objectionable, derogatory word that should never be used. The ad also appears to glorify the use of cocaine.

We have made a conscience decision not to print this reprehensible word in our report. The video will not be difficult for you to find on social media should you wish to view it.

I have watched the video and agree with the critics, who have stated how inappropriate it is.

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Even by Marty Small’s standard operating philosophy, this ad is shocking and unacceptable. Anyone, including children have had the opportunity to view this graphic and offensive video.

“This smut is beyond ugly, it is disgraceful and distasteful. This is far beneath the dignity of the office of the Mayor and much more below the decency of the decent people of Atlantic City. The only people that this fits is Marty and his immoral followers who will do and go along with anything for a dollar or less,” said Craig Callaway.

Callaway is a former President of the Atlantic City Council.

Many responsible local elected leaders were afraid to share their comments publicly, for fear of Small political retaliation, which he is well known for enacting.

Callaway and others confirmed that there were others who wanted to publicly comment, but, held back for the same reasons.

SOURCE: Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Facebook video advertisement. Craig Callaway.

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