Atlantic City, New Jersey has a more than quarter of $1 billion annual city budget and they cannot execute even the most basic tasks correctly.

Today’s case in point, are the traffic lights in Atlantic City.

Not only are they not properly synchronized, I can’t imagine that they could be set any worse if you purposely planned it this way.

People needlessly experience this inconvenience on a daily basis in Atlantic City.

Early this morning, Saturday, April 8, 2023, we conducted our own experiment … traveling on Pacific Avenue, from the northern most part throughout the entire city.

It feels like you get stopped at every single traffic light, as they appear to be set to make sure that you travel from one red light after another.

Some day, an Atlantic City Mayor is going to come along who will focus on:

  • Proper road maintenance.
  • Proper synchronization of traffic lights.
  • Public safety - keeping the city safe.
  • Public works - keeping the city clean.

If a Mayor would focus on these core public services, they would be a tremendous success in the eyes of residents and visitors alike.

However, the current Mayor Marty Small administration simply refuses to properly key-in and address these deficiencies.

Fortunately, Atlantic City Police Chief Jim Sarkos is focused on implementing dynamic changes in public safety and his policies are starting to be felt.

We recommend that Marty Small should reach out to New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina without delay.

Polistina is a brilliant engineer, who could solve the Atlantic City traffic light synchronization debacle.

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