Atlantic City, New Jersey Mayor Marty Small created an ex-offenders department within the Atlantic City government.

The department was never approved by the Atlantic City Council, yet Small advertises its existence.

Small announced it with great fanfare:

We have a new department in The GREAT City of Atlantic City.. Re-Entry Services.. would like to introduce our New Re-Entry Services Program Coordinator one Michele Griffin @neverchange79 she will excel in this role helping our ex offender population mainstream back into society. She has a Masters Degree, wrote Small.

On Saturday, June 1, 2024, Michele D. Griffin, 44 of Galloway Township, New Jersey was arrested by Galloway Township Police Officer Cassidy Walsh and was charged with Driving While Intoxicated.

We reported about Griffin on April 25, 2024, when she wrote on social media on "Take Your Child To Work Day" … when a sitting member of the Atlantic City Council took a screen capture of the following post ... which is attributed to Michele Griffin, who is the coordinator of the City of Atlantic City Re-entry Department.

It was a rude social media post as follows:


It is really hard to believe that a so-called, City of Atlantic City department coordinator would write such a crass, illiterate social media post.

Marty Small’s ex-offender program has been an unmitigated disaster.

Will Marty Small take any disciplinary action versus Griffin.

If past is prologue, don’t hold your breath.

SOURCE: Galloway Township Police Department notable arrests blotter.

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