Attention kids in Atlantic City: the Atlantic City Police Department will begin to strictly enforce the Juvenile Curfew Act that was enacted by City Council in 2006.

With the recent violence in Atlantic City against and committed by teenagers, cops in Atlantic City say it is time they take action.

Officers will be enforcing the city curfew ordinance which is 10PM to 6AM each day for juveniles under the age of 18. Anyone appearing under the age of 18 without a parent is subject to being stopped after 10PM, according to a press release.

Juveniles that are in violation of the ordinance will be brought to the Public Safety Building and a parent or guardian will be notified. Violators can be issued a summons as well as their parent or guardian. Penalties could include fines up to $1,000 and community service.

Cops say the goal of the stepped-up enforcement is simply to keep the children of Atlantic City safe.

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