Atlantic City, New Jersey Mayor Marty Small has employed a very small minded, unproductive strategy, when it comes to New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina.

Small has refused to work with Senator Polistina, to the detriment of the citizens of Atlantic City.

The reason for not returning numerous phone calls and other legitimate outreach efforts made by Polistina is a small one.

We have been able to pin down the reason for Small refusing to work with Senator Polistina.

Former New Jersey Assemblyman Tom Foley challenged Small in the Democratic Primary for Mayor of Atlantic City a few years ago.

Small was awarded the regular Democratic ballot column, despite the objection and rejection of Small by the Atlantic City Democratic Committee.

The local committee has consistently voted against Small … but, this hasn’t stopped Atlantic County Democratic Party Chairman Michael Suleiman from awarding Small the preferential ballot (Column A) placement for the primary election.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small
Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small

Powered by being placed in the advantageous Column A ballot position, Small defeated Foley and won the Democratic Nomination for Mayor of Atlantic City.

This is where Small’s reluctance to work with Senator Polistina comes in.

Small believes that Polistina supported Foley in his contentious primary election.

This is not true. Polistina did not support or play any role in Foley’s campaign versus Small.

Typically, small, petty campaign grudges quickly fade away … as the prevailing candidates typically grasp the fact that it is incumbent upon them to work together in the best interests of the residents that they have been elected to serve.

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Small is the first Atlantic City Mayor in history who has chosen not to work with the district state Senator.

The importance of this partnership was always placed ahead of partisan political differences.

The Atlantic County District 2 Senator is one of the most powerful in the state, because the state’s leading industry … the casino gaming industry resides in District 2.

Polistina has demonstrated good faith and shown a willingness to work with all partners who have Atlantic City’s and Atlantic County’s best interests at heart.

It’s only a matter of time before Small will be compelled to work with Polistina. This will come either by an edict of the governor or by necessity.

It’s quite simple, Small will need Polistina’s assistance long before Polistina needs Small.

Make no mistake about it, a good, working, collegial relationship between the Mayor and Senator is vitally important, as the current issues plaguing Atlantic City … violent crime, homeless issues, cleanliness and much more are substantial in nature.

Small’s icy feud against Polistina will ultimately thaw. I believe sooner, rather than later.

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