Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson will deliver his annual State of The County Address today.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, as Levinson will have to present The Atlantic County Board of Commissioners and the citizens of Atlantic County with two different possible realities.

One possibility is that the Atlantic City Casinos pay more in taxes and one other scenario where they will pay up to $ 4 million less in County taxes.

By Atlantic County statute, Levinson is required to present the annual Executive Budget Message by mid-January.

The state of New Jersey has given the 21 Counties an extension for the introduction of county budgets,

Today, County Executive Levinson deliver an address of the current state of the county at this time.

Levinson will not introduce the 2022 county budget today. He will do so at a later date.

I don’t know how Levinson could introduce a budget today, with millions of dollars hanging in the balance.

Here are today’s particulars:

Who: Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson.

What: Levinson will present his annual Executive Budget Message to the Atlantic County Board of County Commissioners.

When: Tuesday, January 18, 2022

4:00 PM
201 S. Shore Road
Northfield, New Jersey, 08225

NOTE: Webex virtual meeting, access is available at:

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