In a hard fought and coveted endorsement, Cape May County, New Jersey businessman Curtis Bashaw has won the Atlantic County Republican Party Nomination for the United States Senate.

Bashaw defeated second place finisher Alex Zdan by a vote 953-265, held on Saturday, February 24, 2023 at the Linwood Country Club.

Zdan is a former News12 New Jersey reporter.

President Donald Trump, Bashaw and United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew will be leading the Atlantic County Republican ticket in the November 5, 2024 General Election.

On the day before today’s Republican Convention, we conducted live, on-air ... long form interviews with both Bashaw and Zdan

New Jersey Senator Michael Testa and Atlantic County Republican Chairman Don Purdy both appeared during the interview with Bashaw.

Testa, who is also the Cumberland County Republican Chairman, is Bashaw’s Campaign Chairman.

There are 21 Counties in New Jersey. Winning County nominations is crucial towards becoming the Republican Nominee … because of support and better ballot placement that can be earned.

This is Bashaw’s first County endorsement.

Bashaw’s toughest Republican challenger is Mendham Mayor Christine Serrano Glassner, who has won the favored organization ballot lines in Hunterdon, Union and Morris counties.

The Republican field includes 7 other candidates, including Zdan.

Zdan will likely not win the Republican Nomination, but, he is an outstanding orator, with impressive conservative bonafides.

It is very challenging for a Southern most New Jersey candidate to win a statewide major party nomination.

Former New Jersey Senator Bill Gormley narrowly lost to former United States Congressman Bob Franks in the 2000 United States Senate Republican Primary.

Pictured in the photo below, (left to right) is Jack Ciatterelli, Curtis Bashaw and Senator Michael Testa.

Ciatterelli is the prohibitive front-runner, within either major political party to become the next Governor of New Jersey.

Testa has been building major bridges for Bashaw throughout the region and state … including being the catalyst behind bringing my long-time friendship with Bashaw back together.

SOURCES: Harry Hurley interviews.

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