Atlantic County Republican Party Chairman Don Purdy is calling out his Democratic Chairman counterpart, Michael Suleiman for “his silence regarding his appointee on the Board of Elections,” said Purdy.

Purdy is referring to Bill Sacchinelli, a county government employee, who works for the Atlantic County Board of Elections.

“At a hearing this past Tuesday, it was confirmed that Bill Sacchinelli recently "borrowed" a county owned vehicle for his personal use over the weekend. Mr Sacchinelli utilized the county vehicle from Friday, August 12th through Monday, August 15th,” said Purdy.

"To make matters worse, he tried to cover up his abuse of taxpayer funded resources by refusing to answer questions about his joyrides," said Purdy.

“Sacchinelli allegedly took the county vehicle to a barbecue at Suleiman's house, yet there has been absolute silence from Suleiman regarding the entire situation,” according to Purdy.

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Purdy remarked that Suleiman demanded a GOP resignation over vote-by-mail comments that were made during the 2020 election.

Purdy also obtained an estimate for renting a car for a similar timeframe that Sacchinelli allegedly utilized the county-owned vehicle for personal use.

The car estimate totaled $ 405.98 (see below).

Don Purdy
Don Purdy

There is no word at this time if there will be any progressive discipline meted out regarding this incident.

Due to the fact that is deemed to be a personnel matter, no one from the County of Atlantic or the Atlantic County Board of Elections will comment at this time.

Atlantic County Chairman Michael Suleiman took our phone call and said:

"Bill is an exemplary employee who has earned the respect of both sides. As such, he is entitled to due process and a thorough investigation, as well as
representation by his Union Teamsters 331. Former public officials like Chairman Purdy know that personnel matters are confidential, so clearly someone on the
Board broke confidentiality and leaked Tuesday's meeting to him. If it's determined that Bill used a vehicle without proper authorization then he should pay a
monetary fine,” said Suleiman.

The matter remains under investigation.

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