Is there anything better than a perfect burger?

Fresh off of a screaming hot grill, you hear that sizzle. The patty makes it onto a well-baked bun, you add toppings galore, and dig in.

But where do you go for that ultimate burger?

Burgers are easy to come by. You can find a fast food place on practically every corner. A few bucks (well, maybe more than "a few" these days) and a burger is in your belly in minutes.

Burger King in Pleasantville NJ - Photo: Google Maps
Burger King in Pleasantville NJ - Photo: Google Maps

And there are a handful of sit-down places that offer a slightly elevated experience, especially for kids and families.

Red Robin in Mays Landing NJ - Photo: Google Maps
Red Robin in Mays Landing NJ - Photo: Google Maps

But while they offer a solid meal, where do you go for a truly life-changing burger? One that you'll remember forever.

For that, we turned to the internet to come up with a treasure map that will guide you toward the absolute best burgers from one side of South Jersey to the other.

We visited several Facebook groups that foodies frequently visit, Yelp and Google reviews, and general chatter across the fruited plains of the internet.

We narrowed our list down to the 16 best places to get a life-changing burger in South Jersey. Grab a napkin (or ten) and dig in.

16 Best Restaurants in South Jersey for a Damn Good Burger

Gallery Credit: Chris Coleman

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