We asked our readers and on-air listeners to send us their favorite crab soup or stew that’s available in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area.

We received a significant number of great submissions that we will share here  for your consideration.

Some people only eat soup during the winter months. I love soup during all four seasons.

We are fortunate in the Atlantic City area to have so many amazing casino and non-casino restaurants to choose from.

The only rule here is that the soups listed must have crab in the recipe. It can be a seafood soup or stew … but, must contain crab as one of the components.

Our readers and listeners provided us with the following submissions:

Many of our readers and listeners (including me) chose the creamy crab bisque soup from The Crab Trap in Somers Point, New Jersey.

It is my absolute favorite soup. Karen McDonald and many of our readers/listeners wrote-in the same.

Below, is a bowl that I had in the very recent past.

Harry Hurley, TSM,
Harry Hurley, TSM,

This wonderful soup is perfect each and every time and loaded with nice chunks of crab meat in every bite.


Resorts Casino Hotel - Look at this magnificent seafood chowder (directly below).

Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City photo.
Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City photo.

Shawn Rowan - “Charlie's Bar & Restaurant in a Somers Point. The she crab soup is Jeffrey and Jimmy's grandmothers recipe.”

Susan Judith - “Dock's Oyster House  (in Atlantic City) corn and crab soup is delicious. At least it used to be - it's been a few years since I've been there.”

We can attest that it still is.

Steve Petti - ”The Clam Bar in Somers Point has the best Crab and corn chowder. PS, how have you been Harry!!!”

Julie Catherine - “Vagabond Kitchen & Tap House has CRAB & SWEET CORNCHOWDER: New England style crab and sweet Jersey corn chowder on the specials menu now and soon to be added as a permanent item on a new menu debuting very soon!”

Jim Schilling - “Crab Trap Clam Bisque Black Cat In Abescon Manhattan Clam Chowder.”

Amy Funk Jackson - “Back Bay Ale House, Vagabond, Docks Oyster House. Knife & Fork Inn.”

Dan Greenberg - “South Jersey Smoke House, Margate and Ocean City Farmers Markets. Harry...the soup is crab and corn chowder. It's got more crab in it than should be allowed. It's also loaded with butter, milk, half and half, and some spices.”

Below, is a photo of Dan’s soup … it looks wonderful and I can’t wait to try it. Dan had a great run at The Water Dog Smoke House in Ventnor and has now opened up his own, successful business.

Dan Greenberg South Jersey Smoke House Margate and Ocean City Farmers Markets.
Dan Greenberg
South Jersey Smoke House
Margate and Ocean City Farmers Markets.

Scott Stetzer, a well known foodie from Longport wrote about Adam Greenberg’s soup - “I’ll second this one.”

Maureen Ann Inez - “Seafood bisque at the wonder bar (Atlantic City) .... Mmmmmmm good.”

Brian Ireland - “Back bay crab chowder hearty and filling. It is my go-to after winter ocean plunges.”

Long time Restauranteur, John Falivene wrote -“Oyster Creek Restaurant and Boat Bar is a classic. It's a rustic old school restaurant with the best views right on the water.”

“Their menu is filled with amazing appetizers and dinners from basic items like scallops and fried shrimp to dinners like the stuff salmon which is stuffed with crab and Brie cheese topped with a balsamic drizzle and asparagus. Their crab bisque is best in the area, creamy full of flavor. Loaded with crab meat and a old bay sprinkle on top! Best in south jersey hands down.”

Patti Kearney -  “Fitzpatrick's in Somers Point makes an amazing crab and roasted garlic bisque. Creamy broth with chunks of crab, a little spicy not too. Garlicky just enough.”

Katie Hurley Hanlin - “She crab soup at Charlie's is the best crab bisque out there! Anchorage 2nd place.”

Bob Wode - “Charlie's she crab soup and not really in Atlantic City area but hooked up seafood in Wildwood on the blvd in. Family owned fishing fleet, all shellfish and fish from boat to table. The jersey corn blue crab chowder is amazing.”

LaRissa Cronick - “I know it's in Somers Point and not AC, but I LOVE DiOrio's Maryland crab soup.”

Bill Ryan - “the old Hi Point crab bisque.”

Michael Tabasso - “Many local recipes from locals family’s if you interested.”

We are and here’s a look at the front cover of tte book (below).

Michael Tabasso photo.
Michael Tabasso photo.

Ashley Nicole Conover - “I had the best crab bisque from Golden Pyramid Restaurant ! Mays Landing,”

Gregory Mowen - “Just had Knife and Fork corn crab chowder, absolutely delicious!!”

John Rodio - ”My seafood bisque has seafood n crabmeat in every spoon. You can't get a spoon from our quart without seafood. Over a pound in every quart.”

Here’s Johnny’s great seafood bisque:

John Rodio photo.
John Rodio photo.

Lisa Fineran - “Tomatoes Seafood chowder has delicious crab with an incredible smoky flavor”

Justin Abate - “PJ Buckets in Ventnor & Ocean City has a Heavy Veggie Maryland Crab soup and a Cream of Alaskan King Crab Soup, among a bunch of other great options!”

OMG, Justin’s submissions sound great!

Don P. Hurley - “My choice The Seafood Chowder at Mott's Creek, consisting of Shrimp and Scallops, topped with lump crab meat in a delicate white creamy broth. It's simply outstanding.”

I can’t believe that I’ve never tried this one. Here’s a photo below of Don’s submission:

Don P. Hurley photo.
Don P. Hurley photo.

We received more than 65 submissions from our readers and on-air listeners.

As always, our list is not complete. Please let us know who we missed.

Bon appétit.

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