Crispy. Fried. Golden brown. Is there anything better than fried shrimp?

Whether it's from a take-out place or a sit-down restaurant, stuffed or not stuffed, cocktail sauce or ketchup, I don't know about you, but fried shrimp is my go-to order anytime I'm in the mood for seafood.

Luckily, here at the Jersey Shore, we have a ton of places that serve some amazing fried shrimp.

I recently took to Facebook to find out where those from the area like to go to indulge in some fried shrimp happiness and I got quite a response.

If you're craving fried shrimp, check out this list of the dozen or so best places down the shore.

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Locals Pick the Best Restaurants for Fried Shrimp at the Jersey Shore

Note: some of these restaurants are seasonal businesses. Call ahead before visiting.

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