Sadly, summer is unofficially coming to an end and while kids are getting ready to head back to school, there are some positive points to ponder.

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For example, "local summer" is quickly approaching -- that magical time of the year when the crowds have thinned out, the beaches become empty, parking up and down the Jersey Shore becomes infinitely more accessible, and we can enjoy three or four weeks of fantastic weather all to ourselves.

Not that we don't like being invaded by Shoobies and Bennies... I mean, yous guys do contribute quite a bit of money to our state. We would just like it if you got the hell out of the left lane.

Anyway... now that we're getting our beaches and boardwalks back, another great thing to remember is all of the fantastic restaurants up and down the shore are a heck of a lot less crowded.

Ocean City boardwalk
Ocean City boardwalk (Chris Coleman, Townsquare Media NJ)

That means you won't have to wait 90 minutes on a Saturday evening to grab dinner!

We recently scoured the internet to determine the best restaurant in every shore town you'll want to consider visiting during local summer. A great meal is to be had and, as a bonus, you can enjoy the sanity that is post-summer at the Jersey Shore.

Note: As summer ends, it's best to check the operating hours of each of the restaurants before stopping by.

As Summer Ends, Locals Can Finally(!) Enjoy These NJ Shore Restaurants

Hungry? Let's dive in...

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