There is so much important national news unfolding at a fever pitch, that it's hard for people to keep up with everything that's going on around us at the local level.

Case in point, there's currently a fascinating perfect political storm brewing in Atlantic City and many are not paying it any mind whatsoever.

There's a new Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small. He's wanted to be Mayor for many years. He had come close in the past, but was always denied.

Ultimately, he achieved the position in a very unconventional way. First, by being the Council President, (by statute) he immediately became the Acting Mayor when former Mayor Frank Gilliam, Jr. was convicted and shortly thereafter, he resigned his elective position of public trust.

To keep the Mayor's position, Small next needed to earn the support of his fellow council colleagues, He skillfully achieved that. For the first time ever, he also received the support of Craig Callaway, albeit reluctantly.

Callaway had successfully defeated Small in the past by lining up the Atlantic City Democratic Committee against Small. And, when Small won narrowly at the polls in a Primary Election for Mayor; Callaway check-mated him with his vaunted "Vote by Mail" operation, sending Small to defeat.

In a breaking news report, I have learned and confirmed that the delicate "detente" reached by Small and Callaway has collapsed.

Therefore, Small will not receive the endorsement of the Atlantic City Democratic Committee this year, when he must stand for election to keep the Mayor's seat.

I have also learned that there is a prominent Atlantic City Democrat that is preparing to seek the Democratic Nomination and will challenge Small. This individual will likely receive Callaway's support and that of the Atlantic City Democratic Committee.

It looks like Small is going to find himself in a very familiar position. He will be forced to run off-the-line and right into the path of the political buzz saw of The Callaway organization.

I will reveal the name of the potential Democratic Mayoral candidate as soon as possible.

Oh, by the way, there's also a very viable ballot question that will appear in a March, 2020 Special Election. If it passes, it will completely change the form of government in Atlantic City. The Mayor and all 9 Council Members would lose their positions, and, a new 5-Member Council-Manager form of government would take its place.

All of this, while Atlantic City remains under the formal control of the state of New Jersey.

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