Former United States President Donald Trump has been expanding the electoral map versus incumbent President Joe Biden.

There is no objective disputing of this fact.

Trump currently leads Biden in all 7 so-called “Battleground States” … Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Biden won all seven of these swing states in 2020. Even winning all seven of these states … Biden only won The Presidency by less than 50,000 votes in 3 combined states over Trump.

There’s not a single state that Trump won in 2020, that he doesn’t lead in 2024.

This gives you an objective idea of just how dire Biden’s electoral re-election prospects are at the present time.

Since the June 27, 2024 CNN Presidential debate, Trump leads Biden in the national polls by 6-8 points … a lead that appears to still be expanding as newer polls have been released.

The seven swing states have gone back-and-forth over the past 24 years.

However, Trump currently leads Biden in New Hampshire and in deep, dark blue New Jersey.

No Republican has won New Jersey since 1988, when George H.W. Bush defeated Michael Dukakis.

Trump led Biden in New Jersey by 41 percent against 40 percent, with another 7 percent going to the various independent candidates … in a poll conducted by co/efficient, which surveyed of 810 likely general election voters.

The poll took place during June 26-27, before impact of Biden’s disastrous debate had taken place.

Co/efficient is a polling firm based out of Kansas City, Missouri.

In a second survey conducted by United 2024, a Super PAC, has Trump ahead of Biden by 43 percent against 41 percent in a head-to-head contest.

Will Trump win the state of New Jersey?

If he does, it will be a very early night on November 5, 2024 and Trump will become the 45th and 47th President of The United States.

NOTE: Trump is tied with Biden in New Mexico and tails by single digits in New York and other deep blue states.


No Republican has won a United States Senate seat for New Jersey in more than 50 years.

In a co/efficient survey, the Republican Nominee,  Curtis Bashaw is within 6 points of Democratic United States Congressman Andy Kim.

Bashaw has 122 days left to catch Kim. Bashaw is the most electable Republican candidate for the United States Senate for New Jersey in many decades.

With incumbent Senator Robert Menendez running, despite his federal indictment … Bashaw’s prospects are very good in New Jersey.

If Trump continues to run strong in New Jersey, this is also a big advantage for Bashaw.

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