Only a few New Jersey beach towns refrain from charging patrons a fee (beach tag) to enjoy the beach. This is how it should be.

The list is quite short as follows:

  • Atlantic City
  • Carson’s Inlet State Park/Ocean City
  • Sandy Hook
  • Strathmere
  • Wildwood
  • North Wildwood
  • Wildwood Crest

I have never liked the practice of beach tag fees. It’s a natural resource. It should be free for all to enjoy.

I know the argument that municipalities have the expense for cleaning, etc.

However, property tax payers and visitors already pay too much in taxes and onerous user fees.

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It’s for another day, but, the use of parking meters by local governments is also out of control.

Cape May City is the only remaining town to offer a 3-day beach tag. They also offer 1 day, 1 week and whole season passes, too.

  • 1 day = $ 8
  • 3 days = $ 15
  • 1 week = $ 20
  • Seasonal = $ 30
  • Seasonal discount = $ 25 if purchased during the month of December in the prior year.

We spent this past weekend in Cape May, which we absolutely love. It’s a wonderful town.

There was discussion that I was made privy to about beach tags in general and how rigid the Cape May City government has become with the hotels and motels, who want to provide complimentary beach tags for their guests.

This should be encouraged by local government and not discouraged.

Now, there is talk about eliminating the 3-day beach tag. Why?

This is government in search of a solution to a problem that doesn’t even exist.

If someone prefers a 3-day beach tag to a one week beach tag … so what, let them have it.

Maybe they don’t want to buy a full week. Perhaps they’re staying longer than 3 days, but, don’t plan on going to the beach every day of their vacation.

Why not just leave well enough alone and let them save $ 5.00 if that’s what they want?

There is no need to overthink the “house.” It’s ok to just leave some things untouched.

It doesn’t require a new ordinance to be introduced at a future meeting. Leave it be. No one is asking for this change.

Give your residents and visitors more choices, not fewer.

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