A topic such as this is always subjective and is based upon individual taste.

However, I will go out on a limb and proclaim that the best hot dogs in Cape May City come from HotDog Tommy’s … located on Beach Avenue in Cape May City, New Jersey.

It is not uncommon during the summer season to see a customer wait line at HotDog Tommy’s that stretches a great distance … whereby clients don’t mind waiting.

Here is what HotDog Tommy’s promises:

HotDog Tommy's offers nothing less than the finest and freshest ingredients from the tiny galley. Those "Wonderful Wieners" are the famous Berks Brand - official hot dog of Hershey Park. All of our doggies are certified GLUTEN FREE. We also offer vegan dogs and the BEST gluten free buns you've ever had.

Here are the varieties of what HotDog Tommy’s calls “Doggies.”

LEANER WEINER, comprised of all-meat pork & beef puppy on a soft steamed bun.

BIGGER BAD DOG, an all-beef Black Angus Dog (B.A.D.) on a soft deli bun.

VEGAN DOG, a Certified Vegan doggie.

These free toppings are available:

  • MUSTARD, yellow, brown, honey
  • MAYO
  • RELISH, sweet or dill

And, they have countless … literally dozens of specialty toppings available.

Here’s a Quick Look at a few of the HotDog Tommy’s “doggies” and French Fries.


Here is my look at the best hot dogs in all of Cape May County, New Jersey as follows:

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NOTE: HotDog Tommy’s is open on a seasonal basis.

SOURCE: HotDog Tommy’s.

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