The Cape May Police Department is asking for help identifying a woman wanted for questioning for allegedly throwing a skee ball that hit a child in the back of the head.

According to the Cape May Police Facebook post, the woman in the white dress had a disagreement with another patron in an arcade. At one point, police say she threw a skee ball at the person she was arguing with and hit a child in the back of the head with the skee ball.

Cape May Police have included a video showing the woman playing skee ball with a child who appears to be with her. She can be seen talking with another man and a boy who is next to the machine she is using, but I didn't see a skeeball thrown in this video or any real sign of a disagreement.

Of course, it's possible the skee ball was thrown off-camera.

Police have included another photo showing other people who are with this woman in the white dress. The photo is blurry, but it might show enough to recognize someone.

Take a look at the photo and the video attached and see if you recognize this woman. If you do, contact Cape May Police Department Detectives at 609-884-9507.

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