Do you have a teenager who will be looking for a summer or seasonal job? Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the summer to start looking for that job. By then, it will be too late.

According to an article by, the best time for teens to start looking for summer employment is now!

My son Josh, has been a lifeguard since his junior year in high school, and his notification about returning to the beach this summer came at the beginning of March. He immediately sent it in and is ready to go for his summer break.

If your teen is still searching, here’s a list of ideas and opportunities to consider this summer.

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    Restaurant Work

    Any local coffee shops or local restaurants (Tony P's or Fudge Kitchen). You can also try to be a hostess at popular chain restaurants, such as Applebee's or work at Chipotle.

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    Big Companies

    Check Wawa or Starbucks. Companies with big names are always looking to hire as they expand their presence. A new Wawa in Galloway is about to open, chances are they're still hiring. Also check places like your local Wendy's, Burger King or McDonald's.

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    The Beach

    Especially in Ocean City, you can be a beach tag checker or get paid to clean the beaches! To try out to be a lifeguard, you can contact the beach patrol office for any shore location.

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    Ocean City Boardwalk

    There are plenty of shops to choose from on the boardwalk that are looking for seasonal workers. At Bad Kitty or the Henna Shop you can give henna's or do hair wraps on people while looking at the beach. You can also apply for a ride operator or ticket booth salesman at a local amusement park. Work at a pizza or french fry stand!

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    Located all around the shore areas, there are plenty of campgrounds that are hiring people to help out with residents and shops. Apply to be a camp counselor at a local camp. Holly Shores and Beachcomber are just two of the many South Jersey campgrounds.

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    Storybook Land

    Storybook Land has been entertaining kids for over 60 years! You can apply to work at the food stations, gift shop, or operating the rides.

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    This is a great way to gain valuable experience for a future job. It's always a good option to take an internship regardless of the money, because the experience will definitely payoff for you in the future.

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    Byron Moore


    Being a lifeguard at a pool or beach is a serious and important position. Lifeguards must meet physical requirements and be able to pass a certification test. CPR and first aid training is also a must. Check out beach towns and pools in your area now for any open positions.

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