Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson and County Legal Counsel James Ferguson have exhaustively pursued a total realignment of the Municipal Court Systems with the goal of consolidating it into one Atlantic County Consolidated Court System.

The County duo painstakingly met with many key local decision-makers and they were making real progress.

When Hamilton Township Mayor Charles Cain came on board and officially endorsed the plan; they were inching closer to making it a reality.

However, there have been multiple setbacks of late.

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One recent snag is a disagreement with the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Department, relative to who would handle the security at the Consolidated County Court System.

It’s inconceivable that Atlantic County Sheriff’s Officers could lose this key assignment.

Ironically, with Republicans sweeping all four seats in Galloway Township, the previous support of this proposal by a Democrat-controlled government could be rescinded.

We have also learned that Egg Harbor Township has newly founded concerns.

If Levinson loses Galloway Township, or, Egg Harbor Township the dream likely ends here.

There is a meeting tonight that is supposed to bring out a significant amount of opposition to the Atlantic County consolidated court concept.


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