A statue of Thomas Jefferson has been removed from New York City Hall, that has stood on a pedestal there for 187 years … that’s since 1834, just eight years after Jefferson’s death.

In other words, it’s been there so long that this statue almost stood while Jefferson was still alive.

Can you imagine anything resembling this happening here in South Jersey?

While it seems unlikely, you just can’t dismiss anything any longer in our country. The current era of radical, woke, socialist democrats are capable of anything.

Reminder … Thomas Jefferson is:

  • Founder of The University of Virginia
  • Author of The Declaration of Independence
  • First United States Secretary of State
  • 3rd President of The United States

Removing a Jefferson statue should be objectionable to all Americans.

The reason given is that during his lifetime, Jefferson owned more than 600 slaves.

We agree that slavery is abhorrent. It’s unacceptable. Slavery predates the founding of America and it did take far too long to repudiate and abolish slavery. No argument there, either.

However, holding our Founding Father’s retroactively to account on the issue of slavery is also unacceptable.

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We certainly need to remember what used to exist in our nation and not play let’s pretend. We need to fearlessly continue to report and teach the truth now and going forward in the future. We need to repudiate slavery, it was wrong.

Purging Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and other people Icons from American history - hence - utilizing a “Cancel Culture” agenda to remove them from our history is absurd and the American people shouldn’t stand for it.

They are a most relevant part of American history. Erasing them serves no useful purpose.

The painted plaster Jefferson statue was removed from its pedestal and they surrounded it with foam and wooden boards.

They used a pulley system to lower the 884-pound Jefferson likeness to the first floor. Then, down the stairs and disgracefully, they slipped Jefferson out the back door.

How can something like this happen in The United States of America?

Can it - happen here?

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